• Daddario, Will

    Daddario, Will (USA). Independent Scholar, Asheville, North Carolina; publications: Baroque, Venice, Theatre, Philosophy; Manifesto Now! (with L. Cull); Adorno and Performance (with K. Gritzner); w.daddario@gmail.com

  • Dark, Kimberly

    Dark, Kimberly (USA). Artist. California State University, San Marcos, Sociology and Women’s Studies/USA.


  • Davis, Tracy C.

    Davis, Tracy C. (USA). Barber Professor of Performing Arts. Northwestern University/USA. Publications: The Broadview Anthology of Nineteenth-Century British Performance (2011); “Uncle Tom’s Cabins: The Transnational History of America’s Most Mutable Book (2018); and the six-volume The Cultural History of Theatre (2017).


  • De Berry, Misty

    De Berry, Misty (USA). Ph.D. candidate and performance artist. Department of Performance Studies Northwestern University. Evanston/USA.


  • Defraeye, Piet

    Defraeye, Piet (CAN). Professor in the Department of Drama, University of Alberta, and currently Guest Professor, University of Antwerp (Film and Theatre). Alberta/Canada. Publications: Lumumba’s Bike. TransCulturAl. A Journal of Translation and Cultural Studies; The Rwandan Genocide in film, and A Sunday in Kigali: watching with a pierced eye.


  • Demetriou, Panayiota

    DemetriouPanayiota (UK). PDRA for Research Centre Making Books: Creative Writing and the Digital, at Bath Spa University/ UK.


  • Denecke, Mathias

    Denecke, Mathias (DE). Ph.D. Student at DCRL. Lüneburg/Germany. Publications: ReClaiming Participation (with A. Ganzert, O. Robert).


  • Deuflhard, Amelie

    Deuflhard, Amelie (DE). Director of Kampnagel, Europe’s biggest production center for scenic arts in Hamburg (Germany). She is part of the curatorial team of the festival “Theater der Welt 2017” which is organized by Thalia Theater and Kampnagel in Hamburg from May, 25th until June, 11th 2017.


  • Dhamankar, Janhavi

    Dhamankar, Janhavi (IND). Independent Researcher. Pune/ India. http://janhavidhamankar.com/


  • Dickinson, Peter

    Dickinson, Peter (CAN). Director at the Institute for Performance Studies. Simon Fraser University/Canada. Publications: Mega-Event Cities: ART/AUDIENCES/AFTERMATHS (2016) (guest-edited with K. Johnston and K. Zaiontz); Women and Comedy: History, Theory, Practice (2014) (co-editor); World Stages, Local Audiences: Performance, Place and Politics (2010). peter_dickinson@sfu.ca