• Cervera, Felipe

    Cervera, Felipe (MX/SG). Completing his PhD in Theatre Studies. National University of Singapore. Publications: On Silence, Singapore Malays and Jacques Ranciére (Performance Philosophy, 2017); Astroaesthetics: Performance and the Rise of Interplanetary Culture (TRI, 2016); and On Transauthorship (with After Performance Research Ensemble, Performance Research, 2016).


  • Chambers-Letson, Joshua

    Chambers-Letson, Joshua (USA). Assistant Professor of Performance Studies. Northwestern University/USA. Publications: A Race So Different: Law and Performance in Asian America (2013).


  • Chatterjee, Sandra

    Chatterjee, Sandra (DE/USA). Dancer, Teacher, Scholar. Choreographic and scholarly work is situated at the intersection of theory and practice deals with performance, dance, and the body with a focus on gender, postcolonial and migration studies.


  • Cheng, Damian Wai-pang

    Cheng, Damian Wai-pang (HKG). Researcher, Theatre- and Art Critic, Poet, Writer. Research Interests: Cultural activism, urban spatial politics, cultural development of city, cultural economy, and performativity. Lecturer at Office of University General Education, Chinese University of Hong Kong. Founding member of Inmedia.hk, Board Director of the International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong).

  • Cheng, Fan-Ting

    Cheng, Fan-Ting (TWN). Assistant Professor in the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Literature. National Taiwan University. Ph.D. in Theater and Performance Studies at University of California, UCLA in 2014. Her interests include: Queer Politics, Contemporary Theater, and Island Discourse.


  • Chin, Jia-iuan

    Chin, Jia-iuan (CHN). Assistant Professor. Department of Chinese Literature, National Cheng Kung University. She has published papers in leading journals on topics such as participatory theatre, mobile spectatorship, theatrical spaces and contemporary Taiwanese Opera. Chin received her Ph.D. from Royal Holloway, University of London.


  • Chong, Vivian

    Chong, Vivian (CAN). Storyteller, Performer, Comedian, Dancer, Musician.


  • Chow, Broderick D.V.

    Chow, Broderick D.V. (UK). Senior Lecturer in Theatre. Brunel University London. Principal investigator AHRC Leadership Fellows Project Dynamic Tensions: New Masculinities in the Performance of Fitness. Book publication: Performance and Professional Wrestling (editor; with E. Laine, C. Warden). broderick.chow@brunel.ac.uk

  • Chu, Po-Hsien

    Chu, Po-Hsien (USA). Ph.D. student in Theatre and Performance Studies. University of Maryland, College Park/USA. Publications: Performing the Rhythm of the Everyday: Quiara Alegría Hudes’s Water by the Soppnful (2014).


  • Clark, Laurie Beth

    Clark, Laurie Beth (USA). Professor. Art Department, University of Wisconsin/ USA. Writes about trauma tourism and food culture. Clark is a partner in the collaborative Spatula&Barcode.