• Beyes, Timon

    Beyes, Timon (DK). Sociologist and Professor at Copenhagen Business School/Denmark.

  • Bigotte Vieira, Ana

    Bigotte Vieira, Ana. Founding (PT). Member of baldio | performance studies research collective and Jeux Sans Frontières/BUALA editorial platform.


  • Bik-Wan Amy, Chan

    Bik-Wan Amy, Chan (HK). Light Artist. Theatre Practitioner. Practicing Pathologist. Work selection: A Tree to be Found (Hong Kong Arts Biennial 2003); Interdisciplinary and cross-media museum theatre performance and installation project The Hong Kong Plague of 1894; Site-specific solo performance Morbid Anatomy (2016).


  • Bleeker, Maaike

     (NL). Professor in Theatre Studies. Utrecht University/ Netherlands. Publications: Visuality in the Theatre. The Locus of Looking (2008); Transmission in Motion: The Technologizing of Dance (2016); Phenomenology and Performance: Traditions and Transformations (2015) (with E. Nedelkopoulou and J. Foley Sherman).


  • Blissett, Sarah

    Blissett, Sarah (GB). Artist. Researcher. Performance Studies PhD candidate, University of Roehampton, London/ England. Research: Food and Ecology in Performance, engaging with posthuman notions of performativity, intra-activity and transdisciplinary performance practice.

    blissets@roehampton.ac.uk, sarahblissett.wix.com/work

  • Blissett, Sarah

    Blissett, Sarah (UK). Artist. Researcher. Performance Studies PhD candidate. University of Roehampton/ England. Her PhD research investigates Food and Ecology in Performance, through a study of algae organisms and ecosystems, engaging with posthuman notions of performativity and transdisciplinary performance practice. Blissets@roehampton.ac.uk

  • Bonfitto, Matteo

    Bonfitto, Matteo (ITA/BRA). Italian-Brazilian performer, theatre director and an interdisciplinary researcher. Royal Holloway University of London/ England. Founder of the Artistic Collective PERFORMA TEATRO. Teaching at State University of Campinas – Drama Department, Brazil. Author of: The Actor as a Composer (2002); The Kinetics of the Invisible (2009).


  • Borggreen, Gunhild

    Borggreen, Gunhild (DK). Associate Professor in Art History and Visual Culture, University of Copenhagen/ Denmark. Publications: Performing Archives / Archives of Performance (with Rune Gade); Staging Lies: Performativity in the Human-Robot Theatre play I, Worker; Cute and Cool in Contemporary Japanese Visual Arts.


  • Bork-Petersen, Franziska

    Bork-Petersen, Franziska (DK). Postdoctoral Fellow. University of Copenhagen (Denmark). Publications: The Striking Presence of Absence: A Portrait of Mette Ingvartsen.


  • Boyle, Michael Shane

    Boyle, Michael Shane (UK). Lecturer in Drama, Theatre and Performance. Queen Mary University of London/United Kingdom. Publications: Performance and Value: The Work of Theatre in Karl Marx’s Critique of Political Economy; Container Aesthetics; Brecht’s Gale: Innovation and Postdramatic Theatre.