• Steuernagel, Marcos

    Steuernagel, Marcos (USA). Assistant Professor of Theatre. University of Colorado Boulder. Ph.D. in Performance Studies, New York University. Co-editor with Diana Taylor of What is Performance Studies? (Duke UP, 2015) and Resistant Strategies (forthcoming). Research interests: Performance and politics, Brazilian and Latin American theatre and performance, and the digital humanities. marcos.steuernagel@colorado.edu

  • Sting, Wolfgang

    Sting, Wolfgang (DE). Professor of Educational Sciences and Theatre Pedagogy at the Hamburg University and Head of the Master Programme Performance Studies. Relevant publications: Performance Positionen zur zeitgenössischen szenischen Kunst; Irritation und Vermittlung – Theater in einer interkulturellen und multireligiösen Gesellschaft; Poetiken des Theatermachens – Werkbuch für Theater und Schule. wolfgang.sting@uni-hamburg.de

  • Stojnić, Aneta

    Stojnić, Aneta (SRB). Assistant Professor of Art and Media Theory. University of Singidunum/ Serbia. Publications: Denkmal oder Mahnmal? Historization and its consequences. Debating the political articulation of a traumatic past; Digital anthropomorphism: Performers avatars and chat-bots; (Un)Dead and (Un)Buried: From Antigone to Chelsea Manning.


  • Stollmayer, Hannah

    Stollmayer, Hannah

  • Stollmayer, Hannah

    Stollmayer, Hannah (DE). PhD student at the Doktorandenkolleg Geisteswissenschaften at the University of Hamburg. Her research fields include the concepts of pop and mainstream in literature and theatre as well as the question of theatrical agency of non-professional actors, especially in so called postmigrant theatre.

  • Stone, Matthew

    Stone, Matthew (USA). Doctoral Student. Stanford University. Department of Theater & Performance Studies.


  • Strandvad, Sara Malou

    Strandvad, Sara Malou (DK). Associate Professor in Performance Design. Department of Communication and Arts, Roskilde University/Denmark. Publications: The Disappearing Act (with Tracy C. Davis) (2016); Auteurism and the secondary agency of portfolios (2015); Contingencies of value: Devices and conventions at a design school admission test (2014).


  • Stratimirović, Ljudmila

    Stratimirović, Ljudmila (SRB). Designer, Artistic Director and Curator of Visual Art Program of the European Centre for Culture and Debate GRAD, Belgrade, Serbia. One of the founders of Belgrade’s NGO Cultural Front; the fonder, director, fashion designer and performer of fashion and theatre company The Hats Theatre (1993-2006).

  • Strohmaier, Alena

    Strohmaier, Alena (DE). PhD Candidate. Marburg University/ Germany. Research Fellow in the BMBF research network Re-Configurations. History, Remembrance and Transformation Processes in the Middle East and North Africa. Member of the NECS Steering Committee. Editor of the NECSUS book review section. Managing editor of META-Journal. Publications: The State of Post-Cinema. Tracing the Moving Image in the Age of Digital Dissemination (with Malte Hagener and Vinzenz Hediger).


  • Stuart Fisher, Amanda

    Stuart Fisher, Amanda (UK). Reader in Contemporary Performance. Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London/UK.