• Shanks, Gwynn

    Shanks, Gwynn (USA). Mellon Interdisciplinary Arts Fellow. Walker Art Center Minneapolis/USA.


  • Sharifi, Azadeh

    Sharifi, Azadeh (DE). Postdoctoral Researcher. Theatre Munich LMU/Germany. Publications: Theater für Alle? Partizipation von Postmigranten am Beispiel der Bühnen der Stadt Köln (2011).


  • Sheedy, Laura


  • Shimakawa, Karen

    Shimakawa, Karen (USA). Author of National Abjection: The Asian American Body Onstage (2003). Co-editor of Orientations: Mapping Studies in the Asian Diaspora (2001) with Kandice Chuh.  Her research and teaching focus on critical race theory, law and performance, and Asian American performance. She is currently researching a project on the political and ethical performativity of discomfort.


  • Sider, Kimber

    Sider, Kimber (CAN). Documentary filmmaker, Media Coordinator, Artist/Facilitator. Project Re•Vision’s mobile media arts lab and Ph.D. student in Performance and Theatre. University of Guelph/Canada.


  • Siebert, Bernhard

    Siebert, Bernhard (DE). Research Assistant for Applied Theater Studies at Justus Liebig University. Gießen/ Germany. bernhard.siebert@theater.uni-giessen.de

  • Silverstein, Shayna

    Silverstein, Shayna (USA). Assistant Professor in Performance Studies. Northwestern University in Chicago. Evanston/ USA. Publications: The Punk Arab: Demystifying Omar Souleyman’s Techno-Dabke.


  • Sivanesan, Sumugan

    Sivanesan, Sumugan (DE). Research-focused artist whose texts, videos, installations, performances and events serve as a platform for discussion and collaboration. Berlin/Germany.


  • Skjoldager-Nielsen, Kim

    Skjoldager-Nielsen, Kim (SE). PhD candidate in theatre studies. Stockholm University/ Sweden. President of Association of Nordic Theatre Scholars; Member of Norwegian-based network Aesthetics, Natural Sciences and Theology. Research interests: cosmo-aesthetics, spirituality, ecology and contemporary staged events.


  • Skwirblies, Lisa

    Skwirblies, Lisa (UK). Ph.D. student. School for Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies Warwick University/UK. Publications: Performing the Veil: Zur Darstellung von “muslimischer” Verschleierung und “weiblichem” Körper in den visuellen Künsten nach 9/11 (2012).