• Schindler, Yasna

    Schindler, Yasna (DE). Creator, Artistic director, Co-Curator of DANCE IN RESPONSE festival. Founder of performance-collective kompanie with five other choreographers of Hamburg, 2015. Created performances at Performance Research Project in Frankfurt, 2000-2012. Studied dance and choreography at European Dance Development Center and at Dance Academy in Arnheim, Holland.

  • Schipper, Imanuel

    Schipper, Imanuel (CH). Dramaturg of Rimini Protokoll. Theatre and Performance Studies Scholar/Germany. Publications: Ästhetik versus Authentizität? Performing the Digital (with M. Leeker, T. Beyes).


  • Schmidt, Theron

    Schmidt, Theron (AUS). Lecturer in Theatre and Performance Studies. UNSW Sydney/ Australia. Publications as (Co-)Editor: Performance Philosophy; Contemporary Theatre Review ‘Interventions’; Performance Research ‘On Repetition’ (with E. Kartsaki). t.schmidt@unsw.edu.au

  • Schultz, Laura Luise

    Schultz, Laura Luise (DK). Associate Professor in Theatre and Performance Studies. University of Copenhagen/Denmark. Publications: Gertrude Stein in Europe. Reconfigurations Across Media, Disciplines, and Traditions (co-editor) (2015).

  • Schwadron, Hannah

    Schwadron, Hannah (USA). Assistant Professor of Dance. Florida State University. Creative and scholarly research interests intersect dance and performance studies, ethnic and race studies, and gender and sexuality studies with a focus on the politics of dance parody.


  • Seenova-Ganz, Anna

    Seenova-Ganz, Anna (DE/RUS)


  • Segler-Messner, Silke

    Segler-Messner, Silke (DE). Professor of French and Italian Literature. Hamburg University/Germany. Publications: Archive der Erinnerung: Literarische Zeugnisse des Überlebens nach der Shoah in Frankreich (2005); Von Tätern und Opfern. Zur medialen Darstellung politisch und ethnisch motivierter Gewalt im 20./21. Jahrhundert (co-editor) (2013).


  • Sellars, Kieran

    Sellars, Kieran (UK). Ph.D. student in Performance Studies. De Montfort University, Leicester/UK.

  • Sengupta, Promona

    Sengupta, Promona (UK). PhD scholar at Theatre and Performance Studies. School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Currently: Doctoral Fellow at International Research Centre Interweaving Performance Cultures at Freie University, Berlin. Her academic interests: Student movements, campus politics, youth culture and the future of education in neoliberal economies.


  • Serrano, Natalie

    Serrano, Natalie (USA). MA in Performance Studies. New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she focused her studies on the ways in which the arts shape and create meaning for social life. Assisting the Department of Performance Studies at NYU, Natalie curated lecture series events and meeting with artists. nis238@nyu.edu