• Parker-Starbuck, Jennifer

    Parker-Starbuck, Jennifer (UK). Head of Department, Drama, Theatre, and Performance. University of Roehampton and co-editor of Theatre Journal. Roehampton/United Kindom. Publications: Cyborg Theatre: Corporeal/Technological Intersections in Multimedia Performance; Performance and Media: Taxonomies for a Changing Field (with S. Bay-Cheng, D. Saltz); Performing Animality: Animals in Performance Practices.


  • Päsler, Sabine

    Päsler, Sabine (DE). M.A. in Media and Theatre Studies. Research Assistant and Ph.D. Candidate. Department of Media Culture and Theatre, University of Cologne. Cologne/Germany. Publications: Spielerisches Erkunden im Theater.


  • Paterson Kinniburgh, Jo

    Paterson Kinniburgh, Jo (AUS). Ph.D. student. University of Technology Sydney/Australia.

  • Paterson, Eddie

    Paterson, Eddie (AUS). Senior Lecturer in Scriptwriting for Performance and New Media. University of Melbourne/ Australia. Publications: The Contemporary American Monologue (2015); Redactor (2017)


  • Peetz, Julia

    Peetz, Julia (UK). Ph.D. researcher in performance and politics. University of Surrey. Her faculty-funded research explores performances of populism through a focus on politicians’ speeches. She holds a BA (“with distinction”) in English philology and political science from the University of Göttingen and a research-MA in cultural analysis from the University of Amsterdam.


  • Peilin, Liang

    Peilin, Liang (SG). Assistant Professor of Theatre Studies. National University of Singapore/Singapore.


  • Perucci, Tony

    Perucci, Tony (USA). Associate Professor of Performance Studies. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Book publications, Paul Robeson and the Cold War Performance Complex and On the Horizontal: Mary Overlie and The Viewpoints (forthcoming).


  • Peters, Christian Helge

    Peters, Christian Helge (DE). Ph.D. candidate and lecturer in Sociological Theory. Graduate School „Loose Connections: Collectivity at the intersection of digital and urban space”. Hamburg University/Germany. Publications: Resonanzen und Dissonanzen (with P. Schulz); Souveränität in der Kontrollgesellschaft. christianhelge.peters@wiso.uni-hamburg.de

  • Peterson, Michael

    Peterson, Michael (USA). Associate Professor. Art Department, University of Wisconsin/ USA.  Writes about Las Vegas, cruelty, and food culture. Peterson is a partner in the collaborative Spatula&Barcode.


  • Pittman, Alex

    Pittman, Alex (USA). Term Assistant Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Barnard College. Working on a book, titled Under Pressure: Race, Performance, and the Intensification of Capital, that analyzes links between social marginality, aesthetic production, and material life in the making of post-Civil Rights capitalism.