• Monika Bregović

    Monika Bregović (HR). Ph.D. student. University of Zagreb/Croatia. Teaching Assistant at University of Zadar/Croatia.


  • Moore, Matthew

    Moore, Matthew (USA). Assistant Professor of Theatre Theory. Directing and Performance Studies at Muhlenberg College. Allentown/USA.


  • Morales Hernández, Yolanda

    Morales Hernández, Yolanda (DE). Dancer and Performer. Student Performance Studies at Hamburg University/Germany.


  • Mott, Erica

    Mott, Erica (USA). Choreographer and Artistic Director of Erica Mott Productions and Lecturer in Performance at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago.

  • Mølle Lindelof, Anja

    Mølle Lindelof, Anja (DK). Associate Professor. Head of Studies of Performance Design. Roskilde University (Denmark). Publications: Experiencing Liveness in Contemporary Performance: interdisciplinary perspectives.


  • Mukhi, Sunita S.

    Mukhi, Sunita S. (PH). Associated Dean, Arts and Culture Cluster, De La Salle College of St. Benilde’s School of Design and Arts, Manila/Philippines.


  • Müller-Schöll, Nikolaus

    Müller-Schöll, Nikolaus (DE). Chair of Theatre Studies and Head of the M.A. program in Dramaturgy at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt/Main. He published amongst others: Das Theater des ‘konstruktiven Defaitismus’. Lektüren zur Theorie eines Theaters der A-Identität bei Walter Benjamin, Bertolt Brecht und Heiner Müller. Frankfurt/M. and Basel 2002; Performing politics (2012 co-ed.).


  • Munro, Alex

    Munro, Alex (USA). Ph.D. student in Performance Studies. University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa/USA.


  • Nagler, Christian

    Nagler, Christian (USA). Ph.D. candidate in Performance Studies. University of California, Berkeley. Publications: “Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee: The Promise, and the Performativity of Financial Contracts” (TDR and in the edited volume); “Yoga for Adjuncts: The Somatics of Human Capital” (Art Journal); “Market Fitness” (Performance Research).

  • Nair, Rani

    Nair, Rani (DE). Choreographer and Dancer. rani@nair.se