• Matte, A. M.

    Matte, A. M. (CAN). Bilingual (French/English) Writer, Playwright, Producer and Administrator.


  • Matthews, Sharon

    Matthews, Sharon (NZ). Ph.D. at the University of Otago/New Zealand. Publications: Women are all mothers to him: Displacing Fear (in James K. Baxter’s Short Stories); The Archetypal Character as “Transformational Object (in James K. Baxter’s The Devil and Mr Mulcahy).


  • McKenzie, Jon

    McKenzie, Jon (USA). Dean’s Fellow for Media and Design and Visiting Professor of English. New York/ USA. Book publications: Perform or Else: From Discipline to Performance; Contesting Performance: Global Sites of Research (with H. Roms and C.J.W.-L. Wee). Videos: The Revelations of Dr. Kx4l3ndj3r; Discargo. Performance: Disastronautics: How to Do Things with Worlds (with R. Mayer).

    Website: labster8.net

  • McKinney, Joslin

    McKinney, Joslin (UK). Associate Professor in Scenography. University of Leeds. Leeds/United Kingom. Publications: The Cambridge Introduction to Scenography. J.E.Mckinney@leeds.ac.uk

  • McLeod, Kimberley

    McLeod, Kimberley (CAN). Assistant Professor of Theatre. University of Guelph/Canada. Publications: Knowing Ways in the Digital Age: Indigenous Knowledge and Questions of Sharing from Idle No More to The Unplugging; Finding the New Radical: Digital Media, Oppositionality and Political Intervention in Contemporary Canadian Theatre.


  • Meduri, Avanthi

    Meduri, Avanthi (UK). Scholar, Dancer, Actress, Playwright, Curator and Arts administrator. Reader in Dance and Performance Studies. University of Roehampton, London/UK.


  • Meerzon, Yana

    Meerzon, Yana (CAN). Associate Professor. Department of Theatre, University of Ottawa/ Canada. Publications: Performing Exile – Performing Self: Drama, Theatre, Film; A Path of the Character: Michael Chekhov’s Inspired Acting and Theatre Semiotics; History/Memory/Performance (with K. Prince and D. Dean).


  • Meireles, Flavia

    Meireles, Flavia (BRA). Ph.D. student, Communication and Culture. Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. MA in Visual Arts, UFRJ; BA in Dance, Faculdade Angel Vianna. Research interests: Crossing artistic and non-artistic fields, arts and politics, and the body; She is also an artist and coordinates the research group Themes on Dance.


  • Mencarelli, Fernando Antonio

    Mencarelli, Fernando Antonio. Professor of Performing Arts at the School of Fine Arts, Federal University of Minas Gerais/ Brazil.

  • Mendel, Agnieszka

    Mendel, Agnieszka (Poland/UK). Singer, actress, ethnologist, voice and theatre teacher. She is fascinated by the possibilities of the human voice and uses songs from many cultures to search for vocal techniques and emotionality. http://urbanresearchtheater.com/judaica-team/