• Leigh Foster, Susan

    Leigh Foster, Susan (USA). Choreographer and Scholar. Distinguished Professor in the Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance at UCLA. Currently working on a book about dance and value.


  • Len, Ariel

    Len, Ariel (CAN). Founder of Zoey’s Projects, Canadian Filmmaker, Creator, Producer, Director, Choreographer, Dancer, Writer, Multi-Medium, Visual and Performance Artist.


  • Leschik, Luise

    Leschik, Luise (DE). Artist and Student Performance Studies at Hamburg University/Germany Germany.


  • Levine, Gabriel

    (CAN). Postdoctoral Fellow. Department of Theatre, Concordia University, Montreal/ Canada. Publications: Practice (with M. Boon, forthcoming); The Museum of Everyday Life: Objects and Affects of Glorious Obscurity (article); Animate Entities: Objects in Performance (curator).


  • Lewis, Lisa

    Lewis, Lisa (UK). Reader in Theatre and Performance and Co-Director of the Centre for Media and Culture in Small Nations. University of South Wales/UK.


  • Li, Qianru

    Li, Qianru (USA). Ph.D. student of Theatre & Performance Studies. University of Georgia. Georgia/USA.


  • Lim, Alvin Eng Hui

    Lim, Alvin Eng Hui (UK/SGP). Postdoctoral Fellow. Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities. University of Edinburgh, England. Member of the After Performance research ensemble. Publications: Actor training and intercultural jam in a multicultural context; Theatre, Dance and Performance Training.


  • Lind-Valdan, Stense Andrea

    Lind-Valdan, Stense Andrea (DK). Artist.


  • Ling Lee, Cynthia

    Ling Lee, Cynthia. Choreographer and scholar, instigates postcolonial, queer, and feminist-of-color interventions in the field of experimental body-based performance. Trained in US postmodern dance and North Indian classical kathak, she is committed to intimate collaborative relationships, ethical intercultural exchange, and foregrounding marginalized voices and aesthetics.



  • Linsley, Johanna

    Linsley, Johanna (USA). Artist and Research Associate. University of Roehampton/UK.