• Amro, Zeina

    Amro, Zeina (UK). Ph.D. Candidate in Global Health and Social Medicine. King’s College, London. Her research focuses conceptualizations of wellbeing from the perspective of Syrian refugees in Jordan.

  • Andrade, Sérgio P.

    Andrade, Sérgio P. (BRA). Ph.D. and Artist. Professor of Dance, Performance, and Philosophy. Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro; Coordinates the Laboratory of Critics; As an artist, he has worked in dance, performance art, urban intervention, and video art projects in Brazil, Colombia and the USA.


  • Annuß, Evelyn

    Annuß, Evelyn (DE). Fellow. International Research Center Interweaving Performance Cultures, Berlin/ Germany. Currently working on the global history of performances in blackface. She has taught as Professor of Theater and Media (LMU), at the Center for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies (TU Berlin), and in Theater Studies at Bochum, where she habilitated on Nazi mass stagings.


  • Anousha, Shahab

    Anousha, Shahab (DE). Performing Artist. Student at Performance Studies Hamburg University/Germany.


  • Argyropoulou, Gigi

    Argyropoulou, Gigi (GR). Resarcher, Theorist, Director, Curator in the field of performance and cultural practice. Ph.D. from Roehampton University. Received the Routledge Prize for PSi 18, her work is published in journals, books and magazines. Taught at universities and drama schools. Co-initiated the Performance Biennial (Athens, 2016).


  • Arlander, Annette

    Arlander, Annette (FIN). Visiting Researcher. Academy of Fine Arts. University of the Arts Helsinki/ Finland. Artist-Researcher, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies.


  • Arthur, Marc

    Arthur, Marc (USA). Ph.D. student. Department of Performance Studies New York University/USA. Publications: Biopharmaceutical Werewolves; Documentation as A Practice of Survival; Marc Arthur in Conversation with Richard Maxwell. marc.arthur@nyu.edu

  • Aughterlony, Simone

    Aughterlony, Simone (USA). Performance Artist. Zürich/Switzerland and Berlin/Germany.

  • Augsburg, Tanya

    Augsburg, Tanya (USA). Associate Professor of Humanities and Creative Arts. School of Humanities and Liberal Studies, San Francisco State University/ USA. Publications: Becoming Interdisciplinary: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies, 3rd Ed.; recent curatorial project, F*ck U! In the Most Loving Way. Recent performance: Kitchen Table Talk. tanya@sfsu.edu

  • Ayata, Bilgin

    Ayata, Bilgin (CH). Assistant Professor of Political Sociology. University of Basel, Switzerland. Her research interests center on transformation processes spurred by migration, conflict, protest movements and contestions of memory. Her current research explores the affective dynamics of urban protest and political transformation in the Middle East.