• Janša, Janez

    Janša, Janez (SVN). Freelance Artist and Artistic Director os Maska. Ljubljana/Slovenia. Publications: NAME Readymade, Falcon! The Republic of Slovenia. www.janezjansa.si, www.maska.si.


  • Jansen, Sara

    Jansen, Sara (BE). Researcher and Dramaturg in Dance. Brussel/Antwerp Belgium.


  • Janssen, Shauna

    Janssen, Shauna (CA). Urban Curator and Independent Scholar, artist in residence teaching in the Departments of Theatre and Studio Arts at Concordia University, Montreal/Canada.


  • Järvinen, Hanna

    Järvinen, Hanna (FIN). Senior Researcher, Academy of Finland/ Helsinki. Research Project: How to Do Things with Performance? University Lecturer at the Performing Arts Research Centre of the University of the Arts Helsinki/ Finland. Docent in dance history at the University of Turku/ Finland. Publication: Dancing Genius (2014).


  • Jestrović, Silvija

    Jestrović, Silvija (UK). Reader in Theatre and Performance Studies. University of Warwick. Author of Performance, Space, Utopia: Cities of War, Cities of Exile (Palgrave 2012); Theatre of Estrangement: Theory, Practice, Ideology (U of Toronto Press 2006); co-edited collection (with Y. Meerzon) Performance, Exile, and ‘America’ (Palgrave 2009).


  • Jirotka, Janis Irene

    Jirotka, Janis Irene (DE). Politicial Educator and Theater Pedagogue. Student Performance Studies at Hamburg University/Germany.


  • Jürs-Munby, Karen

    Jürs-Munby, Karen (UK). Lecturer in Theatre Studies. Lancaster University. Lancester/United Kingdom. Publications: Postdramatic Theatre and the Political (with J. Carrol and S.Giles); Jelinek in the Arena: Sport, Cultural Understanding and Translation to Page and Stage (with A. Fiddler).


  • Kanoria, Jaya

    Kanoria, Jaya (IND). Ph.D. candidate. University of Mumbai. Deputy Director, Indian Aesthetics, Jnanapravaha, fine artist. Has taught English to undergraduate students and writes for Critical Collective and Jnanapravaha Mumbai Quarterly Review.


  • Kaplan, Jeff

    Kaplan, Jeff (USA). MFA in Dance from Texas Woman’s University. Ph.D. candidate in Theatre and Performance Studies. University of Maryland. Maryland/USA.


  • Karlsson, Johanna

    Karlsson, Johanna (SE). Study Counsellor for Theatre Studies. Stockholm University/Sweden.