Performance Studies international (PSi)

PSi is a professional association founded in 1997 to promote communication and exchange among artists, thinkers, activists and academics working in the field of performance. Over the past decades, performance has developed as an umbrella term for scholarly as well as artistic research engaged with a wide variety of topics. The research conducted under this umbrella term is interdisciplinary and is strongly rooted in the interaction between theory and practice. It is a dynamic field of encounters rather than a discipline grounded in one particular methodology or tradition.
PSi represents this field and stimulates its development by initiating conferences and other events, by means of awards and bursaries, by facilitating the circulation of information and knowledge, through working groups dedicated to important issues in the field of performance research, by means of an archive and oral history project, and with a network and a lexicon aimed towards the further development of performance research and education in a global context.

More information: www.psi-web.org

Performance Studies Universität Hamburg

The Master’s Program in Performance Studies is both an academic and an artistic course of study. It combines reflections on issues of social and cultural theory with artistic practice and aesthetic training in the fields of dance, theatre, choreography and direction. The program is based on a broad understanding of the concept of performance, which encompasses theatre practice and poetics in social, cultural, political and artistic fields.

At the core of the program is a critical/political and theoretical/practical analysis of performances and productions in performance art, popular culture, media and everyday life. Particular emphasis is given to performance techniques in which body and movement are the object, means or agent of aesthetic discussion. The studies aim at fostering an understanding of performance concepts from a social, cultural and educational/theoretical as well as aesthetic and artistic perspective while at the same time enabling students to gain competencies for self-critical artistic practice and communication. The two-year course has a modular structure and leads to the degree of Master of Arts in Performance Studies. Prerequisites for participating in the Master’s Program are a successfully completed Bachelor’s degree in a related or comparable field, as well as having passed a qualifying examination. The course is supported by the Centre for Performance Studies, an interdisciplinary institute at Universität Hamburg, which brings together scholars from different academic fields, as well as artists, dramaturges and theatre directors. A key task of the centre is to plan, implement and further develop the Master of Arts Program in Performance Studies.

More information: www.performance.uni-hamburg.de


Kampnagel, the international center for the finer arts in Hamburg, is Europe’s largest production center for contemporary performing arts. It presents works at the intersection of theater, performance, music, visual arts and architecture in six event spaces located in a former crane factory building. Its program is made up of international guest productions and co-productions, independent works from Hamburg, as well as special series and festivals, including the International Summer Festival. It also regularly hosts conferences and symposia about contemporary social discourses. Kampnagel is a productive laboratory for the development of ideas, exploring new formats that tackle modern forms of communication, interaction and participation as well as the transfer of knowledge and our conception of the public sphere. Kampnagel is simultaneously locally anchored and internationally connected. The center creates links between artists and between different artistic languages. It regularly comes into dialogue with activists and researchers, and takes the (cultural-) political lead.

Every season, Kampnagel attracts approximately 180,000 visitors.

More information: www.kampnagel.de

Theater der Welt 2017

‘Theater der Welt 2017’ will present 45 productions from across the globe. Artists from every continent are invited to Hamburg – artists whose original and influential signature works push forward the development of performing arts and highlight the spectrum of international theatrical development: drama, performance, dance, literature, but also the crossover with visual arts, film and music. Collaborations with other Hamburg artists expand the programme and integrate Hamburg’s international cultural scene.
Hamburg lives off the harbour and it lives alongside the harbour. ‘Theater der Welt 2017’ takes the harbour as an inspiration and as a venue. The harbour is a gigantic marketplace for international trade, it’s the site of arrivals and departures and also a place loaded with poetic significance: a place for welcomes and farewells, for wanderlust and home sickness, for awakenings and the joy of discovery, for births and deaths – with water as the source of all life.

K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg

K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg at Kampnagel is a competence centre for expertise in the field contemporary dance and choreography, artistic research, and dance outreach. A major focus of work at K3 is developing and offering various forms of residencies and artistic formats of working that combine artistic research, production, and presentation. Promoting and supporting choreographers and dance professionals in the early stages of their career is a main priority. The three pillars of K3’s work – residence, classes and training, and dance outreach – interrelate in terms of content in order to make the borders between practice and theory as well as artistic work and dance outreach permeable. They are simultaneously a conceptual basis for multi-year cooperative projects with academic and artistic institutions in local, national and international contexts. Since its foundation, K3 has been playing an essential role as a place for artistic exchange and networking in developing a dynamic and networked dance scene in Hamburg while promoting its national and international networks.