• Tu, Shih-Hue

    Tu, Shih-Hue. Assistant Professor and Director of Department of Performing Arts in Shu-Te University; Director and Performer of the Playbox Ensemble Theatre; play and book publications: ‘A Voyage to the Island ~ A Solo Operetta’; ‘Road Kill’; ‘Solo Performance’;


  • Tumbas, Jasmina

    Tumbas, Jasmina (USA). Assistant Professor in the Department of Art at the University at Buffalo, SUNY. Her teaching and research fields focus on modern and contemporary art and theory, histories and theories of performance, body and conceptual art, art and activism, feminist art, and critical theory.

  • Tyrrell, Áine Josephine

    Tyrrell, Áine Josephine (USA). Ph.D. student. Department of Theatre and Performance Studies Stanford University/USA.