• Rabe, Carsten

    Rabe, Carsten (DE). Fine-art photographer and curator living in Hamburg. He has exhibited his photographs in national and international solo and group shows since 2000. In Carsten Rabes art-works he uses documentary photography to explore the beauty of the ordinary and the present. His motives reflect on our everyday actions and examine people in their living environments. His Fotobook blossom was nominated for the German Fotobook Award 2016.

  • Rae, Paul

    Rae, Paul (AUS). Performance Scholar and Theatre Maker. From 1997: Artistic Co-director, with Kaylene Tan, of spell#7 performance (a theatre company). From 2007: Assistant Professor on the Theatre Studies program at National University of Singapore. Author of Theatre & Human Rights (Palgrave 2009), and many scholarly articles on performance theory, and on contemporary theatre in Southeast Asia and beyond.


  • Rainer, Lucia

    Rainer, Lucia (DE). Freelance Artist and Professor for Aesthetics. MSH University for Applied Sciences Hamburg. Hamburg/Germany. Publication: On the Threshold of Knowing: Lectures and Performances in Art and Academia.


  • Rains, Joshua

    Rains, Joshua (USA). Visual Artist, Los Angeles/USA.


  • Ramos, Ivan A.

    Ramos, Ivan A. (USA). President’s Postdoctoral Fellow. UC-Riverside. Department of Ethnic Studies.


  • Raven, Simon

    Raven, Simon (UK). Performance Artist and Ph.D. student. Northumbria University/UK.


  • Reinelt, Janelle

    Reinelt probes issues of belonging and exclusion in immersive theatre practice in relation to spectatorship. Recent scholarly studies (Alston, Lavendar) have focused on issues of responsibility and engagement in the context of the ‘experience economy’ of neoliberal culture. But what is being experienced, and what constitutes an ethical claim in simulative experiences that are both ‘real’ and fictional—often in the same breath? Do these performances have the possibility of calling into being a community or at least a certain counter-public? Examples will come from British and European artists ranging from Punch Drunk to Ontroerend Goed. The role of the spectator and the methodological question of how best to research it will be the focus of this paper.

  • Ribeiro, Felipe

    Ribeiro, Felipe (BRA). Artist, Professor of Dance and Film Studies. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Ph.D. student at the Visual Arts Institute at UERJ/ Brazil.


  • Ritter, Julia M.

    Ritter, Julia M. (USA). Chair of Dance Department. Rutgers University. New Jersey/USA. juliamritter@gmail.com

  • Roach, Shoniqua

    Roach, Shoniqua (USA). Ph.D. student. Department of Performance Studies Northwestern University/USA.