• Potvin, John

    Potvin, John (CAN). Associate professor. Department of Art History at Concordia University, Montreal/Canada. Publications: Material and Visual Cultures Beyond Male Bonding (2008); Bachelors of a Different Sort: Queer Aesthetics, Material Culture and the Modern Interior in Britain (2014).


  • Powers, Seth

    Powers, Seth (USA). Enhanced Chancellor’s Fellow at CUNY Graduate Center. New York/USA.


  • Primavesi, Patrick

    Primavesi, Patrick (DE). Professor of Theatre Studies. University of Leipzig. Director of the Dance Archive Leipzig. Publications on modern and contemporary theatre, dance and performance art. Present research projects focus on politics of (re-) presentation, body politics, and movement in urban space.


  • Protopapa, Efrosini

    Protopapa, Efrosini (UK). Senior Lecturer in Dance. University of Roehampton. Roehampton/United Kingdom. Publications: The Practice of Dramaturgy: Working on Actions in Performance (with K. Georgelou and D. Theodoridou); Contemporary Choreographic Practice: from exhaustion to possibilising; Choreography as philosophy, or exercising though in performance.


  • Pustianaz, Marco

    Pustianaz, Marco (IT). Professor of English Literature and Theatre. Università del Piemonte Orientale. Vercelli/Italy. Publications: Per una letteratura giustificata: Scrittura e letteratura nella testualita della prima Riforma. Paper Can Theatre Hold Water? Ophelia Drowning in Teatro Farnese (Parma).