• Gade, Rune

    Gade, Rune (DK). Associate Professor in Art History. University of Copenhagen/Denmark.


  • Gade, Solveig

    Gade, Solveig (DK). Dramaturge and Associate Professor. Aarhus University/Denmark.


  • Gandhi, Aastha

    Gandhi, Aastha (IND). Performance Researcher, Lawyer and Dancer. Ph.D.-Candidate in Theatre and Performance Studies, School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University. Publications: Emerging Choreographies: Developing New Pedagogies in Dance (Contemporising the past: envisaging the future, 2015), Constructing and Performing the Odissi Body: Ideologies, Influences and Interjections (Journal of Emerging Dance Scholars, 2013).

  • Garrett Brown, Natalie

    Garrett Brown, Natalie (UK). Scholar-artist and Head of School for Media and Performing Arts based at Coventry University/UK.

  • Gaspar, Renata

    Gaspar, Renata (UK). Performance Artist currently working on notions of place and mobility in relation to practices of cultural resistance. With background in Dance and MA in Performance Making (Goldsmiths, London). Renata is PhD candidate at Roehampton University, London.


  • geheimagentur

    geheimagentur (i.e. the secret agency) produces situations and institutions that appear to be fictional but nonetheless withstand the test of reality. Their performances create another reality rather than confirming the old one. geheimagentur is working anonymously, is an independent label, an open collective and a practice in „the art of being many”.


  • Georgelou, Konstantina

    Georgelou, Konstantina (NL). Lecturer in Dance, Theatre and Performance. Utrecht University and at the ArtEZ University for the Arts. Utrecht/Netherlands. Publications: The Practice of Dramaturgy: Working on Actions in Performance (with D. Theodoridou and E. Protopapa); Syros: a bet on the potentiality of co-operation (Maska Performing Arts Journal, with D. Theodoridou and E. Protopapa); The Art of Lawlessness (with the Institute for Live Arts Research).


  • Gindt, Dirk

    Gindt, Dirk (SE). Associate Professor. Department of Culture and Aesthetics at Stockholm University/Sweden.


  • Gluhovic, Milija

    Gluhovic, Milija (UK). Associate Professor of Theatre and Performance. University of Warwick. Research interests: Contemporary European theatre and performance, memory studies, discourses of European identity, religion and secularism, migrations and human rights. Publications: Identities, Feelings, and Politics in the Eurovision Song Contest (with K. Fricker); Representation, Religion, and the Public Sphere (with J. Menon, Stanford).


  • Göbel, Hanna Katharina

    Göbel, Hanna Katharina (DE). Post-Doc Researcher in Sociology. Institute of Human Movement Sciences/Performance Studies, Hamburg University (Germany). Publications: Performance und Praxis (with G. Klein); Designed to improve? The Makings, Politics and Aesthetics of ‘Social’ Architecture and Design, CITY, Special Feature (with M. Grubbauer and A. Richter); The Re-Use of Urban Ruins. Atmospheric Inquiries of the City.