• Frischkorn, Moritz

    Frischkorn, Moritz (DE). Ph.D. Student. Graduate School Performing Citizenship (HafenCity University, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, FUNDUS Theatre, K3 – Center for Choreography, Hamburg).


  • Ftouni, Layal

    Ftouni, Layal (BE). Lecturer in Gender and Postcolonial Studies at Utrecht University. She writes and teaches across cultural and post-colonial studies, feminist and gender studies, and art history/theory. Her doctoral research concerned neo-orientalism in contemporary visual arts.


  • Fu, Yu-Hui

    Fu, Yu-Hui (TWN). Adjunct Lecturer and Ph.D. student. Department of Theatre and Drama in National Taiwan University. Senior theatre Critic for The National Culture and Arts Foundation. Directing credits in modern theatre and Taiwanese Opera with Creative Society, Greenray theatre company and Chun-Mei Taiwanese Opera Troupe etc.


  • Fujii, Shintaro

    Fujii, Shintaro (JP). Professor in Theatre Studies. Waseda University, Tokyo/ Japan. Publications: Creative Force in the Postdramatic Age; Arts and Their Environment; Scènes françaises, scènes japonaises: allers-retours.