• Aboura, Anas

    Aboura, Anas (DE/SYR). From Damascus, is a curator at Kampnagel, especially focused on Migrantpolitan. http://kampnagel.de/de/programm/migrantpolitan/

  • Abrams, Joshua

    Abrams, Joshua (UK). Deputy Dean, Academic, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London/ England. Forthcoming Publications: A monograph on theatricality within the restaurant; Co-editing with Richard Gough an issue of Performance Research, ‘On Taste’.


  • Abulhawa, Dani

    Abulhawa, Dani (UK). Senior Lecturer in Performance at Sheffield Hallam University. Publications and Performances: ‘Locating Rhythms: Improvised play in the built environment’ (book chapter), ‘Knowledgeable Artefacts: the role of performance documentation in PaR’ (journal article), ‚Precarious Assembly’ (curation of performance event with Accumulations – Whitworth Gallery, Manchester, UK)


  • Ackerl, Denise

    Ackerl, Denise (UK). Practice-based Ph.D. student. University of the Arts London/UK. Publications: Strategies of resistance in the digital space from a feminist performance perspective in a post-Fordist economy.


  • Afshar, Sareh

    Afshar, Sareh (USA). Ph.D. student. Department of Performance Studies NYU/USA. Publications: Are We Neda? The Iranian Women, the Election, and International Media (2010).


  • Aghili, Nasim

    Aghili, Nasim (SE). Writer and Director.


  • Ahldag, Arnika

    Ahldag, Arnika (IND). Performance Artist based in New Delhi/ India.


  • Albright, Kelsey

    Albright, Kelsey (USA). Master of Fine Arts student of costume design and technology at University of Georgia, Athens.


  • Alizada, Ghulamsakhi

    Alizada, Ghulamsakhi (DE/AFG). Lives and works in Hamburg, Germany, where he currently seeks political asylum. Studies German language and auto mechanic theory, and has collaborated with Schwadron since May 2016. Holds a degree in Economic Uncertainty from Aria University in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan, where he taught courses in English.

  • Amir, Aharon

    Amir, Aharon (GB). Independent Artist. Brighton/ UK.